The function of the DPO within enterprises.

Since the enforcement of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in May 2018, European Union member states, have been dealing with the implications and requirements of this landmark legislation. The GDPR is an improved reconstruction of data protection directives and laws from the past, for member states to keeping up pace with the rapid technological developments and globalisation that have been changing the way in which personal data are collected, accessed, and used. In Cyprus, as in other EU member states, Data Protection Officers (DPOs) play a crucial role in overseeing GDPR compliance within organizations.

During the closing of 2023 Grant Thornton Cyprus, in association with 10 Grant Thornton member firms in Europe launched a survey aimed at establishing an overview of the DPO function in the main European countries.

From our survey we obtained insights about the thoughts and considerations of DPOs in relation to their operational function and contribution within their organizations, and where we currently stand domestically in terms of compliance with the GDPR.