Grant Thornton prides itself on being a values-driven organisation and we have more than 60,000 people in 140 countries who are passionately committed to these values.

Grant Thornton’s culture and values are our most valuable assets. They steer us in our everyday work and decision-making. 

While every member firm is different, the global CLEARR values help us to create a common way of working which helps us to bring about positive change in the world.

We are committed to driving this change and bringing the CLEARR values to life in the way in which Grant Thornton engages with people, clients, markets and communities.

Our values build around collaboration, agility, and care for our people, clients, and communities and serve as a foundation in everything we do. Our values are embedded in all our practices, and they define how we behave. They form the basis for developing trust and confidence and creating a consistent experience for everyone, internally with our fellow colleagues and externally with our clients and the communities we operate and live in.

Collaboration:  ask for help, give help – we work well together.

Leadership: have courage and inspire others – we challenge each other to be the best we can be.

Excellence: find a better way every time – we never get complacent.

Agility: think broadly, act quickly – we thrive on change.

Responsibility:  use influence wisely – we own our actions.

Respect: listen and understand, be forthright – we create honest relationships.

If you choose a career with us, these CLEARR values will become a part of your Grant Thornton experience. Our values are the foundation of our organisation.

For us, people are our top priority, that is why everything we do is focused on developing professionals, who demonstrate leadership in all their actions, who respect others, who support and champion equal opportunities.

Our people tell us that our global culture is one of the biggest attractions of a career with Grant Thornton.


Creating one culture

Across our global organisation, we have built a common culture. Wherever you are in the world, you’ll benefit from a global experience designed to empower you in your professional life.  You'll be encouraged to approach every challenge using reason and instinct combined with technical excellence, rigour, intuitive judgement and insight. We know we are stronger together and encourage our people to collaborate to move our organisation forward.

Our purpose

We remain loyal to our overall purpose which unifies and motivates our people: to put humanity back into business by demonstrating genuine care for our people, clients and communities and helping them create a positive, sustainable impact in the world. And we do it in support of our CLEARR values.

Entrepreneurial spirit

As the fastest-growing global accountancy organisation, we believe our entrepreneurial spirit allows our people to provide innovative solutions for our clients. Working at Grant Thornton means operating with agility and making the best decisions for your clients.

Consensus driven

Our culture is also built on consensus and we have a genuine interest in our people.

We pride ourselves on our high-performance culture and will give you the tools and resources to drive your career forward. Whatever your role, you’ll have access to senior people willing to help unlock your potential for growth.