14 Mar 2024

Grant Thornton Cyprus launches new service line: The AI and Data Lab

Grant Thornton Cyprus, is pleased to announce a new service line under the Advisory Services branch: The AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Data Lab, a pioneering initiative in advancing data-driven excellence.

04 Dec 2023

Grant Thornton Cyprus: Business Breakfast Event on ICT & Security Risk Management in Regulated Businesses Marks Success

On 23 November 2023, Grant Thornton Cyprus organized a successful Business Breakfast event, held at the Loft venue in Nicosia. The event served as a forum for industry experts and business executives to engage in meaningful discussions on critical aspects of security risk management in regulated businesses.

28 Sep 2023

Grant Thornton Cyprus: Actively involved in shaping sustainable communities

Grant Thornton Cyprus emphasises its dedication to community engagement through its recent “GT in the Community days”, a global initiative, held on 21 and 22 September. The initiative underscores Grant Thornton's belief in making a meaningful difference in the communities they operate within.