04 Dec 2023

Grant Thornton Cyprus: Business Breakfast Event on ICT & Security Risk Management in Regulated Businesses Marks Success

On 23 November 2023, Grant Thornton Cyprus organized a successful Business Breakfast event, held at the Loft venue in Nicosia. The event served as a forum for industry experts and business executives to engage in meaningful discussions on critical aspects of security risk management in regulated businesses.

28 Sep 2023

Grant Thornton Cyprus: Actively involved in shaping sustainable communities

Grant Thornton Cyprus emphasises its dedication to community engagement through its recent “GT in the Community days”, a global initiative, held on 21 and 22 September. The initiative underscores Grant Thornton's belief in making a meaningful difference in the communities they operate within.

03 Sep 2023

Grant Thornton Cyprus, in partnership with Prolestia Ltd., offers Online Training and Internships under the theme of “Transformation in a Digital and Intelligent Era”.

Grant Thornton Cyprus is pleased to announce that Dr Charis Savvides joined the Firm as the Funds and Regulatory Compliance Services Leader. This appointment is part of the Firm’s strategic plans to enhance its advisory offering and at the same time, to meet growing client demands.