Companies challenged by underperformance often need support in identifying options for financial or operational restructuring. Tapping into this type of advice helps them create a stable platform for business turnaround.

Managing the expectations of your various stakeholders can often be challenging in times of underperformance and it is important to have confidence you are providing the right information to allow your stakeholders to make the right decisions.

Protect and create value

Our work focuses on understanding the position that the company is in, how it can be improved (both operationally and financially), what the appropriate financing structure is and then how this can be delivered. Sometimes this means exiting non-core or underperforming business units. We have significant experience in the evaluation of all sizes of businesses, ranging from small owner managed structures all the way through to complex, billion euro, multi-jurisdictional and highly leveraged businesses in time critical situations.

Deep sector experience helps us to identify practical opportunities for operational changes which make a tangible difference. We work in multi-disciplinary teams to optimise, dispose, carve out and restructure as required whilst protecting and creating value, often working with colleagues in Debt advisory, Business consulting or Corporate finance.

We drive an efficient process, to minimise impact on the business and its stakeholders.