At Grant Thornton, we recognise the contribution that our activities, could have on our people, our customers, our suppliers, the environment and the wider community. Corporate Social Responsibility represents an integral part of our strategy, with significant and conscious efforts being made collectively by all our people, securing that we, through our actions, have a positive impact and demonstrate our responsibility and respect.

Grant Thornton’s CLEARR values combined with its holistic approach towards CSR, reinforces what Grant Thornton is striving to achieve as a firm, along with the attention on quality at the heart of what we do. Strategy is always about making the right choices and success in CSR is no different.

At Grant Thornton, we are committed in actively promoting best practices and making a difference through our involvement in and contribution to various integrated social initiatives, which are in line with our strategic goals as a business.

Our CSR pillars are based on the ten internationally approved principles of the UN Global Compact, through which, as presented below, we explain how people of Grant Thornton embrace, support and enact, in the areas of Human Rights, Labour, Environment, and Anti-Corruption, with the main driver being our shared culture and values.




Human Rights

Principle 1 – Businesses should support and respect the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights; and

Principle 2 – make sure that they are not complicit in human rights abuses.

Principles 1 and 2 are embedded/reflected in the core values of Grant Thornton. The company has assured that justice, objectivity, goodwill and meritocracy in all of its activities are well protected, while the working environment is free of discrimination and harassment and that there are equal opportunities for everyone.

Diversity and Inclusion represent a fundamental part of the strategic agenda with priority given on initiatives ensuring healthy working environment conditions where the development of everyone can be supported, with respect, psychological safety and acceptance underlying everything we do.

Our People & Culture department has the responsibility in establishing and maintaining HR policies and procedures, which comply with international standards of conduct and related laws and regulations for Human Rights. These relate to non-discrimination reflected during the recruitment and promotion process as well as to respect to a healthy life balance for everyone reflected though the various initiatives such as “Flexible Working Schedule” and “Working from Distance”. 


Principle 3 – Businesses should uphold the freedom of association and the effective recognition of the right to collective bargaining

Principle 4 – the elimination of all forms of forced and compulsory labour

Principle 5 – the effective abolition of child labour;

Principle 6 – the elimination of discrimination in respect of employment and occupation.

Our company respects and is committed towards all its stakeholders to protect the internationally declared human rights, establishing a safe working environment of equal opportunities, meritocracy and respect for diversity.

The company strictly applies the local and European legislation.

Grant Thornton is conscious with the efforts being made for the abolition of injustice in any action against human rights:

- we have developed policies and procedures that aim in promoting ethical practices, these are being updated by management on a frequent basis and are implemented by all our people

- we value our relationship with our clients and business partners, and we conduct unbiased and ethical business focused on quality. There are processes in place, for everyone to apply prior entering into agreements with our clients and business partners, in an effort to ensure our compliance with the code of ethics and that we are not engaged in any way with actions going against human rights.  


Principle 7 – Businesses should support a precautionary approach to environmental challenges

Principle 8 – undertake initiatives to promote greater environmental responsibility

Principle 9 – encourage the development and diffusion of environmentally friendly technologies.

Our priority is to spread the awareness with regards to the immense efforts made in minimising the adverse effect of climate change and the impact that modern economic activity has on the natural environment.

We, collectively, promote an agile mindset, responsible and sensitive towards the current developments on matters affecting our environment and we are constantly evaluating options through which we can assist in achieving Sustainability and reducing our Environmental Footprint. Our conduct of business is based on the following environmental policy:

· minimise waste generated by our operations and our work. Providing our people with branded reusable tumblers in order to minimise plastic cups use

· reuse and recycle, wherever possible

· maximise recovery and recycling of our waste output, purchase, wherever possible products, especially office consumables and stationery, containing recycled materials

· evaluate and utilise technologies that could assist in becoming a more environmentally friendly firm. Effective from 2019, our firm has proceeded with various actions in order to eliminate the use of paper. Colleagues today use the M-Files platform - an Intelligent Information Management System.  All documents and our work are saved on this platform, which was designed and installed, based on our internal policies and procedures. 

· encourage and promote awareness for all people to behave in an environmentally friendly manner. 


Principle 10 – Businesses should work against corruption in all its forms, including extortion and bribery.

For us, the development of practices that promote transparency and the consistent commitment focused on eliminating corruption, are key elements of our activities.

Every year, we organise various training programs for awareness purposes and updating our people on changes in the relevant laws and regulations (i.e. Anti-Money Laundering).

We value our relationship with our clients and business partners, and we conduct unbiased and ethical business, focused on quality. In addition, there are processes in place, for everyone to apply prior entering into agreements with our clients and business partners, in an effort to ensure our compliance with the code of ethics.

In 2019, Grant Thornton Cyprus was awarded with a certificate of participation in the Business Integrity Forum (BIF), established in Cyprus by the Cyprus Integrity Forum (CIF). Our membership in the Business Integrity Forum is a significant milestone for us, as it recognises our efforts and demonstrates our appreciation for all the actions and initiatives of BIF, aimed at encouraging Cypriot businesses to contribute to the efforts in diminishing corruption, enhancing accountability and transparency. The Business Integrity Forum (BIF) members publicly demonstrate support for the mission and values of CIF and are openly committed to high anti-corruption and ethical standards in business practices.

Charitable contributions

Throughout the year, we raise money, contribute time, resources and we are actively involved in numerous good causes.

Growing Together in the community

Founded on our six guiding principles, Growing Together in the community is Grant Thornton’s commitment to community engagement. It advocates the impact each person can make by being passionately involved in their community.

Every year, Grant Thornton hosts a global event called “Growing Together in the community”. Grant Thornton Cyprus participates in GTIL’s global CSR initiative, which takes place in September and encourages people to take part and actively contribute to the communities we work and live in.

In 2021, we proudly partnered with the NGO “One dream, one wish” and fulfilled wishes of cancer affected children.

Grant Thornton Cyprus Foundation

Grant Thornton Cyprus Foundation was formed in 2017 by Grant Thornton people. The aim of our Foundation is to help at least one underprivileged person pursue his or her educational goal. In order to raise money for this cause we organise various internal and external events.

Wellness initiatives

We invest in the wellness of our people with various activities throughout the year in an effort to promote a healthy lifestyle. We offer complimentary seasonal fruits, while twice per month back-office massage sessions take place at both of our offices. In addition, we organize speeches and sessions with experts such as yoga instructors, nutrition specialists, personal trainers and motivational speakers.

Mentoring sessions 

Since early 2018, mentoring sessions open to our people are being offered by our CEO, Stavros Ioannou.  These mentoring gatherings are designed for the development and well-being of the mentees as individuals, and not just as employees.

The discussions are being mainly focused on the following:

  • sharing of thoughts and experiences
  • discussions around articles focusing on topics such as emotional intelligence, authenticity, the importance of being grounded, etc.
  • expressing concerns and possible ways to overcome them
  • sharing of ideas, etc.

Career talks

Considering the importance of a clear career path that everyone needs to have throughout his/her journey in Grant Thornton, we have introduced the ‘Career Talks’. These talks are designed to help each individual at Grant Thornton Cyprus to set clear goals for his/her career, and work towards their success. The ‘Career Talks’ are scheduled by the People and Culture team upon completion of the professional qualification, with participants being the individual, his/her partner and our CEO, Stavros Ioannou.

CSR committee

In support of our CSR strategy, we have formed the CSR committee.  All members are working together to organise and execute a series of events, projects and activities in areas of Human Rights, Labour, Environment, and Anti-Corruption. Our goal is to contribute to the Community while bringing our people together.

Health and Safety committee

We recognize that we are responsible for the health, safety and wellbeing of all of our people, whether on the our premises or carrying out business elsewhere. As part of our health and safety management system we have formed a joint “Health and Safety committee” for both our offices. Safety committee representatives act as employee safety advocates ensuring a healthy and safety working environment for all our people and visitors. Generally, the main functions of the committee are:

  • to be receptive to employee concerns regarding health and safety related issues and help improve communication and consolations between employees
  • to develop safe work practices and safety programs
  • to periodically participate at scheduled meetings
  • to periodically carry out workplace safety inspections identifying potential hazards and recommend corrective action (following up on implementation)
  • to help with accident investigations.

The committee’s role is also to consult with the management on important health and safety issues, and to ensure that the Firm is following all legislative requirements. Representatives attend a training to be educated on various related health and safety matters. 

Green team 

The mission of our Green Team is to spread awareness across all our people about sustainability, the negative human impact on the planet, the harm caused by excessive and improper disposal of waste, and the use of plastic. We take action to encourage colleagues to adopt an eco-friendlier lifestyle by “going green”, to gain knowledge and adopt new habits that lead to  ecologically responsible choices in our ways of living. This will help to protect the environment and sustain its natural resources. We have a team of eight dedicated and passionate colleagues working on several initiatives on areas of:

  • this is where it all begins, by educating ourselves, we’re giving our planet a future
  • once we’ve educated ourselves with an understanding of the issues and solutions, it’s time to take action!
  • excessive waste and littering are both man-made problems and therefore entirely preventable.