Dynamic organisations need a broad range of advisory services to support their ambition and growth.   

As your business grows, our advisory services are designed to help you achieve your goals.  Successful growth often means navigating a complex array of opportunities, challenges and risks. 

Our experienced practitioners are available to help you understand, adapt to and overcome the various obstacles that may stand in the way.

Business Risk Services 
Every company is faced with strategic, financial, operational and technological challenges. Grant Thornton’s Business Risk Services (BRS) can provide the advice necessary to help you manage risk and improve your business performance. The Business Risk Services team provides advice and solutions in the fields of:

  • internal audit (QR on valuations/ECL calculations)
  • attestation reporting (SOC)
  • GRC advisory and assurance 
  • IT risk assurance and advisory
  • IT audit
  • SOX
  • process risk and control
  • governance advisory
  • revenue assurance and cost verification
  • other third party assurance.

We offer the personal touch and global reach, ensuring that you get the attention that you deserve.

SME Resource Augmentation

Our highly responsive service delivery model and extensive pool of experienced financial services experts means we have an inbuilt ability to respond to your variable resourcing requirements at pace. Our services include:  

  • transactions
  • complaints management
  • resource augmentation
  • customer engagement
  • credit analysts
  • case / relationship management
  • incident / BCM planning
  • surge capacity
  • SME / restitution
  • data / MI reporting

Corporate Finance 
Our international team of corporate finance advisors works with entrepreneurial businesses, their owners and management teams in the mid-market at various stages of their lifecycle. Whether buying a business: selling a business; advice on mergers, management buy ins/outs, or raising finance to support your business’ plans: our team will guide you through the process. 
We are also fully integrated with our colleagues in our transactions advisory and transactions tax to provide:

  • vendor due diligence
  • acquisition due diligence
  • flotation and reporting accountant work
  • operational due diligence
  • management assessment.

Within our teams we have specialists across a range of sectors, including: media, food, healthcare, support services, technology, construction, waste, leisure, and financial services. They have developed relationships with key players in the industry and so are well positioned to make introductions and facilitate transactions. Internationally, we have access to over 100 corporate finance specialists ensuring that we can offer you our distinctive, high quality and personalised service wherever you choose to do business. 

Valuations and Modelling
A well designed and built model, creates a picture of the future in a credible and transparent way. Allowing you to make business-critical decisions with confidence. Whether you're looking to raise finance, buy or sell a business, assess your options, or simply plan ahead, you're going to need a detailed and robust model.In our models, we build in flexible assumptions that can be understood and changed to gain insight into the opportunities and risks facing you. When we work with you, we challenge your business drivers while maintaining a pragmatic and commercial approach. Our experience helps us arrive at the right solution with accuracy and speed. We offer:

  • fairness opinion
  • expert witness
  • valuations
  • purchase price allocations
  • financial modelling
  • entity priority model.

Transcation Advisory Services

Transactions are significant events in the life of a business, so the stakes are high for both buyers and sellers. It requires experience, determination and pragmatism to bring deals safely through to conclusion. This is what our dedicated team of transaction specialists delivers. Our solutions include:

  • financial due diligence
  • vendor due diligence
  • transaction services.

Project Finance 
Project finance demands a special approach. That approach needs to be single-minded, hands-on and committed to co-operative working. We have shown our skills in this area, and our project finance teams are recognised as leading players in public/private partnerships. Project finance includes:

  • preparation of business cases for infrastructure and feasibility assessment
  • procurement strategy advice including tender preparation and market testing
  • tender evaluation 
  • project risk evaluations and options analysis
  • support for private sector bidders
  • negotiation of terms for project finance
  • modelling and model review for large infrastructure projects
  • fundraising for projects.


Insurance is fundamental to modern society. Allowing businesses both big and small to thrive in good times and weather the bad times. Supplying this exceptional resource is a difficult proposition. The underwriting cycle and strict regulatory requirements have always been key components of the Insurance industry and technology, competition and product complexity are increasing challenges. We offer:

  • audit support
  • regulatory reporting
  • risk and capital management
  • reserving
  • pricing and product development
  • business development support
  • actuarial transformation and data analyticsactuarial resourcing.

Restructuring supply a range of services to underperforming business and their stakeholders. We focus on identifying and resolving issues affecting profitability, protecting enterprise value and facilitating a full recovery where possible. Our services also offer solutions and advice in the following areas:

  • examinerships and schemes
  • liquidations
  • NPL workout
  • asset realisation schemes
  • project management / outsourced projects
  • corporate receiverships
  • fixed charge receiverships
  • personal insolvency
  • restructuring and turnaround
  • construction and real estate
  • asset tracing and recovery 
  • IBRs
  • contentious estates 
  • operational and financial restructuring.

Forensic and Investigation Services 
Disputes are never welcome, but they happen. When they happen, they need to be resolved efficiently. Often complex financial issues lie at the heart of disputes. These could involve shareholder disagreements, contractual breaches, failed acquisitions or suspected fraud. Litigation, asset recovery and insurance claims might be involved. We have the forensic and business knowledge to help navigate through the maze of issues and reach a resolution. The resolution might be brought about by a multi-disciplinary team including accountants, lawyers, IT consultants, insurance experts, valuation specialists and actuaries. Services include:

  • anti-money laundering
  • asset recovery 
  • commercial disputes and litigation advisory 
  • dispute resolution
  • expert witness
  • fraud and criminal investigations
  • forensic technology
  • insurance claims
  • intellectual property and contract compliance
  • international arbitration
  • shareholder disputes and valuations.

Human Resources 
We recognize the importance of Human Resource for organizations and the approach we use combines the best internationally recognized practice, combined with in-house developed methodologies. We offer trainings, consulting and solutions.

Aviation Advisory
At Grant Thornton, we understand that the key to a successful offering to the aviation sector is the ability to provide cross-functional specialist services through an integrated team. Our aviation team consists of experienced aviation professionals, from industry as well as practice, who can provide you with specialised and tailor-made services. Services include:

  • excel model builds, model Rreviews
  • finance business partnering
  • maintenance reserves fund recalculations
  • pricing platform builds
  • SME data quality review
  • SOX testing
  • transaction services.

Mergers and Acquisitions

With a shared purpose of optimizing transactional value, our M&A professionals work with you throughout the life cycle of the transaction to overcome challenges and execute a successful closing.  Our services include:

  • M&A
  • debt raising
  • energy and cleantech.

Asset Management

At Grant Thornton, we have a dedicated Asset Management and Investment Funds team. Our services are planned with a ‘client centric’ focus, we go to market as a ‘horizontal’. We are not structured in individual siloes, enabling you to have easy access to our entire team and suite of services through one channel. Our solutions include:

  • attestation services
  • financial reporting and accounting for private equity / debt / real estate, alternatives and regulated entities
  • global compliance solutions
  • transfer agency support
  • business process outsourcing (BPO)
  • modelling
  • ESG advisory and implementation
  • funds set up / administration. 

Prudential Risk

Here at Grant Thornton, our Prudential Risk Advisory Team of specialists engages with clients on a broad range of issues within the financial services sector, developing and implementing tailored strategies to manage and mitigate many types of financial risk. Our expert team can also provide regulatory, compliance and risk advice to banks, investment firms, insurance companies, funds and e-money and payments firms. Our experienced team of specialists will help you in navigate this constantly evolving environment and its associated challenges and can advise on the key requirements necessary for your organisation to successfully adapt to ongoing regulatory, compliance and risk needs. Our solutions include:

  • asset protection scheme management 
  • NPL advisory (loan sales)
  • NPL portfolio servicing 
  • culture audits / accountability frameworks
  • regulatory reporting
  • regulatory advice and authorisations
  • data and technology transformation
  • risk services
  • regulatory due diligence
  • regulatory licensing.

Why Grant Thornton

Because you know your own businesses, we’ll listen to your needs. As part of the advisory process, we ask questions and pay attention to your responses. Rather than relying on off-the-shelf services that could loosely fit a range of clients, challenges and markets, we develop solutions tailored to your organisation and its unique requirements and objectives.

As a global organisation of member firms, we offer:

  • integrated cross-border solutions
  • strong collaborative networks
  • centralised tools, methodologies and delivery models.
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