Grant Thornton Cyprus is committed to establishing learning as a strategic imperative and invests accordingly, providing its people with high quality learning programs that enhance individual and organisation potential. Our Learning and Development Policy is integral to our People strategy and to the achievement of our strategy and ambition. Enhancing everyone’s ability to contribute today and prepare for the future is the key to our success.

We are a learning organisation and continuous improvement is our way of life enabling us to provide quality services to our clients.  We encourage each of our people to take charge of their personal development, including the Firm’s own risk management, ethical and independence requirements, always be alert and seize opportunities for learning.

Our people take part in appropriate programs of continuing personal development for maintaining their technical knowledge, professional skills, soft skills and values. Being an approved employer by ICAEW (Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales) as well as a platinum approved employer awarded by ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) and ICPAC (Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Cyprus), we always ensure that we meet CPD requirements.

Our inhouse annual training plan is determined considering, but not limited to, areas of development of our people.  These areas are identified through on going formal and informal evaluation and feedback and include knowledge, skills, competencies, attitudes, behaviours for current and future roles, findings identified through hot and cold financial statement reviews, findings identified during IQCR, GTARs, other quality reviews, common queries and consultations requested, new market developments, law and government regulations, Grant Thornton International requirements, technological and other new developments.  The plan is revised when this is necessary, ensuring the best possible professional development of our people.

We have introduced mandatory inhouse trainings to ensure consistent and ongoing learning and development with emphasis on quality, risk management, ethics, independence, compliance and more. The successful completion of these compulsory yearly training programs, is closely monitored. These include programs on Ethics and

Independence, Inspection Findings, Anti-Money Laundering (AML), International Standards on Auditing (ISA), International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRs), as well as Tax & Vat.  Our inhouse training plan also includes series of soft skills development programs (e.g. Professional and Personal Leadership, Managing People and Performance for success, New Managers coaching skills). 

Within audit we have, and will, continue to invest in our training programmes throughout the year with several both mandatory and recommended training modules.

To support the Firm's commitment for all our people to perform in a more effective and efficient manner and to deliver quality and success in their roles, all new colleagues and interns joining the Firm are invited to attend an onboarding program.

Our training plan is supported through many mediums, all sponsored by the Firm. There is a wide range of learning and development opportunities available for our people to build their technical capability, leadership skills and commercial acumen; these include inhouse face to face sessions and “Learning Nuggets”, external seminars in Cyprus and abroad, on the job training, coaching, mentoring, being part of the “Buddy scheme” for newcomers, virtual courses, e-learnings materials, shadowing, continues feedback, technical alerts and circulars, professional memberships, participation in external and internal committees, internal meetings for guidance etc.

Being a member firm of Grant Thornton International Ltd we have access to great learning opportunities, like forums, conferences, online trainings, workshops, mentoring programs, the GTConnect dedicated website and more.

A great milestone (2020) is our GTLearnConnect learning management system (LMS) through which our people have access to more than 1000 courses. The platform includes GTIL learning materials, technical training (e.g., ISA, IFRS, LEAP and off-the-shelf courses on both technical and soft skills available to access at any time from any place.

Grant Thornton’s global learning goal is to provide world class learning on leadership, business development, client management and technical subjects. And as a member firm, we are fully committed to sponsoring participation of our people in all learning opportunities provided by our network.

Significant client service-related learning is offered that equips Grant Thornton people with the knowledge and skills to support clients in achieving their operational and strategic goals. Service line learning is also available both within member firms and through global training on an ongoing basis.

Grant Thornton service line technical and client service excellence

Significant client service-related learning is offered that equips Grant Thornton people with the knowledge and skills to support clients in achieving their operational and strategic goals. Service line learning is also available both within member firms and through global training on an ongoing basis.

Leadership programmes - developing managers and partners

Programs to help managers and partners reach their leadership potential are also available:

  • Senior Leadership Programme (SLP): The programme is for CEOs and leaders in senior strategic positions or those who are starting a firm wide leadership role. It is also ideal for those leaders who have been identified as high potential Partners who are increasingly playing an important leadership role in Grant Thornton. The SLP provides the opportunity for leaders to have access to thought-provoking new thinking, leadership theory, and strategic frameworks from Harvard Business School.
  • Advanced Leadership Programme (ALP): The programme is for Senior Managers, Directors and New Partners. It is a year long programme that takes place in strategic growth markets around the world providing participants with access to global clients, senior leaders, colleagues and thought Leaders. It focuses on expanding their global perspective, deepening their engagement and leadership skills while building a professional network within the global organisation.
  • Emerging Leaders Programme (ELP): ELP is a foundation programme for high performing managers and senior managers who are recognised as future leaders. The programme provides participants an opportunity to develop the knowledge, skills and confidence to maximise collaboration and impact across the region.  IT is three days in- person training, based regionally, to support cross border and cross service line collaboration.
  • Exceptional Coach Programme: Addressed to all senior managers, including CEOs, with an interest in growing their firm and clients through developing others. This 12-month programme develops leader’s’ skills in supporting and inspiring others to achieve their potential and results in an international recognised coach accreditation.

Equal importance is the opportunities provided through global mobility programs for working abroad on short- or long-term secondments to other member firms.  To date, we have supported numerous global assignments in various locations, including the US, Cayman Islands, UK and Ireland.

Finally, one of the biggest attractions of a career with Grant Thornton is the opportunity to work on cross-border projects all over the world. Through global assignments, our people have the chance for both professional and personal development to work with colleagues around the world.

Feedback and continuous development

End of 2021 we transitioned to a new performance management system called “Clear review”. The system allowed us to move to a more continuous performance development approach where performance management processes take place throughout the year. We have chosen “Clear review” as its philosophy is perfectly aligned with our people strategy and what we want to achieve, focusing on ongoing coaching & developmental conversations around creating a supportive, wellness-focused environment where we encourage and recognise accomplishments.

The system allows our people to set short term goals, arrange regular check-ins between managers and their team and gives everyone the ability to leave and receive real- time feedback to everyone in the Firm. In support of everyone’s personal development, our new system, further encourages instant, quality & transparent conversations ensuring that everyone is empowered and able to take ownership over their work, career, and daily experiences. As a result, increasing happiness, engagement, and productivity. 

Our team members obtain feedback on their overall performance and contribution, including audit quality such as exhibition of technical knowledge, professional exams, professional conduct, ethics, compliance with quality control policies and procedures.

Sponsorships towards both ACA and ACCA professional qualifications

Grant Thornton Cyprus is a platinum approved employer for ACCA and an approved training office for ACA offering training contracts to successful candidates committed towards a professional qualification. The Firm fully finances both qualifications. At the same time, gaining high standards of knowledge and ability in the workplace is an everyday effort enabling our trainees to receive practical experience as well. 

This, will enable everyone to apply the knowledge and techniques they learn while studying for their exams and develop the skills, attitudes and behaviours required for becoming successful professionals and qualified accountants.

The Firm actively supports all Grant Thornton people to gain additional academic or professional qualifications and accreditations inspiring each person to find their talent and create value for themselves and others. Examples include but not limited to: Master’s degrees, CFA, ADIT, CISA qualifications etc.