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VAT Updates Reduction of VAT rate for services in the tourism industry
Following on with the most recent measures announced by the Minister of Finance in support of the Cyprus economy, the Council of Ministers has issued a new
Tax update Rental income
A government bill passed, to offer tax credits to landlords as an incentive to lower rents to help tenants who find themselves in financial difficulty due to
VAT Updates New Decree changing VAT Returns and payments for certain businesses (update)
Further to our previous VAT Alert regarding the amendments of the VAT reporting periods and payment deadlines for certain businesses who have received
VAT Updates New Decree changing VAT Returns and payments for certain businesses
In an effort to satisfy the increased cash-flow requirements of the Cyprus Government resulting from the COVID-19 outbreak, the Council of Ministers issued on
VAT Updates Withdrawal of the requirement to make VAT prepayments for certain categories of businesses
The Ministry of Finance has issued an announcement declaring that the Decree will not be brought into effect.
VAT Updates Requirement to make VAT prepayments for certain categories of businesses
On 2 April 2020, the Council of Ministers issued a Decree requiring certain categories of taxpayers to make advanced VAT payments.
News alert Cyprus Government Tax and VAT measures in response to COVID-19
Following our alert issued on 18 March 2020, we note that the House of Representatives proceeded with the approval of the relevant Tax and VAT legislations on
PROFESSIONAL SERVICES The coronavirus call to action: diversify, digitise, develop
As the world faces its biggest healthcare challenge in more than a generation, the social impacts of the coronavirus (COVID-19) will be fast and prolonged.
NAVIGATING UNCERTAIN TIMES 7 Steps to manage cash flow and financial headwinds
The economic consequences of the Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) on future trading assumptions, and the direct impact on many companies, may place some
News Alert Measures announced by the Cyprus Government
In response to the World Health Organisation (WHO) declaring the spread of COVID-19 as a pandemic, the Cyprus Government announced a number of actions in order
NAVIGATING UNCERTAIN TIMES Building business resilience in response to COVID-19
With the rising impact of COVID-19 being seen worldwide, all industries will face significant disruption to their supply chain, workforce and cashflow. By
INTERNATIONAL FINANCIAL REPORTING STANDARDS (IFRS) Accounting implications of the Coronavirus (COVID-19)
The spread of the Coronavirus is impacting businesses around the world. Entities need to carefully consider the accounting implications of this situation. This