In periods of financial distress, management teams often face considerable challenges, with many directors having little or no experience of similar conditions.

Where underperformance leads to a breach of banking facilities or covenants; or pressure from creditors or threat of withdrawal of credit lines, the business and its stakeholders need to appoint independent advisors with proven experience in such circumstances.

In the early stages of turnaround, the right support is necessary to create financial stability, assess cash flow and identify other means of improving short-term liquidity.

When stability is restored, diagnostic analysis provides stakeholders with a clear understanding of the causes of underperformance and the strategic potential of a business - both crucial when assessing turnaround potential.

A journey from crisis to recovery

We assist in identifying and resolving issues affecting a company's ability to continue trading, which are often caused by a short-term funding requirement coupled with liquidity problems. Time is of the essence in situations like this; we can be on site in less than 24 hours in Cyprus and internationally within 48 hours.

We also provide in-depth assessments of a company's financial position and actions for stabilising the business. When stability is restored, we work with management to devise a detailed turnaround plan to return the business to profitability. This may include the exiting of under-performing non-core business units or the use of other restructuring tools.

With our deep understanding of what stakeholders require, built over many years and assignments, we aim to find the best possible outcome for all involved.