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Grant Thornton Cyprus launches new service line: The AI and Data Lab

Grant Thornton Cyprus, is pleased to announce a new service line under the Advisory Services branch: The AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Data Lab, a pioneering initiative in advancing data-driven excellence.

About The AI and Data Lab
In today's digital age, data's transformative power has taken center stage, evolving from a historical resource to a strategic asset. Grant Thornton Cyprus' AI and Data Lab is positioned to lead the way in unlocking the hidden value within data, empowering businesses to make smarter decisions, innovate faster, and achieve sustainable growth.
The AI and Data Lab, backed by a team with international exposure to AI projects, specializes in predictive and optimization algorithms, natural language processing, large language models, supervised and unsupervised machine learning, and deep learning algorithms. Grant Thornton Cyprus understands that data is no longer a luxury; it's a necessity. Those who fail to embrace its power, risk being left behind.

Monica Odysseos at the reigns
Leading this initiative is Monica Odysseos, who recently joined Grant Thornton Cyprus as The AI and Data Lab Leader. Monica brings over a decade of experience, having worked in the UK and Cyprus, specializing in technology solutions across various industries. Holding a BSc in Mathematics and Computer Science from the University of Bath and an MSc in Risk Management from the University of Southampton, Monica is also a qualified chartered accountant (ACA - ICAEW).
Monica's expertise extends to the development of AI solutions in finance, healthcare, and maritime sectors, leaving a significant impact on both local and European landscapes. Her proficiency in developing Machine Learning models for forecasting and optimization solutions, deep learning algorithms for Natural Language Processing models, coupled with her business understanding and acumen showcases her unique approach to understanding each organization's needs. Monica's technical and business skills blend seamlessly, making her a valuable leader in the AI and data space.
Monica is also a Certified trainer with HRDA, empowering individuals with non-technical backgrounds to navigate the complexities of AI and digital transformation tools. As the chair of ICAEW’s Data and Analytics community, she has contributed through various articles on AI, further solidifying her position as a thought leader in the field.
Commenting on this exciting new chapter, Stavros Ioannou, CEO of Grant Thornton Cyprus said: "The launch of the AI and Data Lab signifies our ongoing commitment to staying ahead of industry updates and harnessing the transformative power of data. We are delighted to welcome Monica to the Grant Thornton family. We are proud to grow our team with exceptional and skilled professionals, and Monica's wealth of experience and expertise exemplify the caliber of talent we are committed to bringing on board.”  

The AI and Data Lab

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