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FuturEstate Alliance: Bringing the change in real estate

A strategic partnership between three companies is offering new, innovative investment solutions in real estate. A group of experts in real estate, distributed ledger technology (Blockchain), law & regulation, and web 3.0 have created the "FuturEstate Alliance", bringing stakeholders even closer to real estate tokenization, the most modern form of investment in real estate worldwide.

What is real estate tokenization?

It is a process of moving and fractionalizing real-life assets relating to real estate into digital tokens based on blockchain. These digital tokens can represent various real-life assets, ranging from the underlying property to interests, rights and obligations in entities holding such properties. In short, digital tokens developed on blockchain represent fractional ownership in a real-world asset.  

Through the platform built by the FuturEstate Alliance and through the package of comprehensive business, technical, marketing, legal, regulatory and compliance services offered by the Alliance, developers, estate agents, and real estate owners can tokenize their properties and offer the created tokens to the public, and investors have the opportunity to invest in real estate represented by digital tokens, easily, quickly with security and transparency. These "security tokens", as they are called, are linked to each property, representing a share of it with a corresponding value. The three companies, each well-known in their own field, lay the foundations for the implementation of large projects in the field of real estate.

FuturEstate Alliance ensures that all real estate tokenization projects are carried out smoothly, in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, securing respective licenses and authorisation as may be required.  

Grant Thornton Blockchain Cyprus

A member of Grant Thornton's global network operating in more than 140 countries, Grant Thornton Cyprus is a pioneering firm with a separate business unit dedicated exclusively to blockchain technology. With a team of experts in technology and its applications, they have successfully developed and launched several solutions.

The Hybrid Law Tech Firm, by Christiana Aristidou, LLC.

The Hybrid LawTech Firm empowered by Christiana Aristidou LLC specializes in law, regulation, and compliance related to business, technology and science, with an emphasis on the emerging technologies of blockchain and other technological innovations. With its knowledge and experience, the Hybrid LawTech firm pioneers in the provision of specialized legal solutions of high quality, ensuring speed and reliability. The Web 3.0 & Blockchain Consultancy 

This is the new web 3.0 entity of company.

The company is constantly applying all new standards and the latest developments in digital marketing, blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI) and data science. The team has all the skills and knowledge to help any brand explore the world of web 3.0, with tokenization, smart contracts, metaverse to name a few.

FuturEstate Alliance is committed to revolutionizing the real estate industry. 

To learn more contact Alexis Nicolaou, our Distributed Ledger Technology Leader.

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