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Grant Thornton Cyprus: Actively involved in shaping sustainable communities

Grant Thornton Cyprus emphasises its dedication to community engagement through its recent “GT in the Community days”, a global initiative, held on 21 and 22 September. The initiative underscores Grant Thornton's belief in making a meaningful difference in the communities they operate within. By participating in this initiative, they managed to showcase the significant impact each individual can make by actively engaging with and supporting their local communities.

As part of this initiative, Grant Thornton teams from around the world engaged in demonstrating resourcefulness to uplift the communities they work and live in. Activities ranged from preparing meals, donating books, assisting in the renovation of buildings, and offering employment advice to underprivileged individuals, to collecting litter from public spaces and planting trees. These endeavours exemplify Grant Thornton's commitment to shaping sustainable systems and communities for a better tomorrow.

In Cyprus, the “GT in the Community days” were a resounding success, with teams dedicating their time and efforts to support two significant charitable organizations: Ronald McDonald House Charities Cyprus and Agkaliazo me Agapi.

Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) Cyprus, a global organization that was established in Cyprus in 2014 and it focuses on improving the health and well-being of children and their families. Grant Thornton Cyprus dedicated its efforts towards the RMHC House®, a facility providing essential support to families whose children are hospitalized in medical clinics. The team participated in various activities, including garden cleanup, facilities cleaning, preparing meals for the families that are currently hosted there, as well as entertaining young patients who are currently hospitalised at the Archbishop Makarios III Hospital.

Agkaliazo me Agapi, is a team of volunteers which focuses on aiding families in need by collecting and distributing essential donations, renovating houses of families who cannot afford to do so otherwise, distribution of meals to less privileged families, and so on. Grant Thornton Cyprus partnered with Agkaliazo me Agapi, by purchasing all the supplies and painting a house of a family of five.

Stavros Ioannou, CEO of Grant Thornton Cyprus, stated, "Our active support of the community through initiatives like “GT in the Community” is deeply embedded in our culture. We truly believe in donating our time to help others, and this commitment is a fundamental aspect of how we operate as a firm."

The “GT in the Community” days align with Grant Thornton's Go Beyond strategic pillars, particularly the "Showing the way," which highlights their responsibility and efforts in shaping sustainable systems and communities.

To follow the impact and contributions of Grant Thornton in communities around the world, search for the hashtag #GTInTheCommunity on social media.

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