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Grant Thornton Cyprus receives equality certification

Professional services firm Grant Thornton Cyprus has received on the 16th of December 2021 certification from the Ministry of Labour, Welfare and Social Insurance for its practices of gender equality.

According to the national certification body for the implementation of good practices on gender equality in the working environment, Grant Thornton Cyprus received the certification complying with all criteria. The firm was awarded for its comprehensive commitment in regards to the fair treatment between men and women, on hiring and advancement procedures, the opportunity to receive professional training, on fair evaluation and fair payment that reconciles professional and family life, the active participation of people in workforce matter, and the compliance in all matters of harrassment or/and sexual harrasment with zero tolerance policies in practice.

It is remarkable to note that Grant Thornton Cyprus, apart from the paid maternity and parternity leave, offers additional parental leave and has adopted other good practices such as the flexible working hours scheme. Another practice in place that bridges the gap between personal and professional life is the scheme “Be there for our families” offering paid leave in times of need.

The award was received by Froso Yiangoulli, head of assurance, who stated: “We are filled with excitement and pride that our existing mission “leading inclusively” which is all about inclusivity and equality for our people, is being recognized. This award is a great milestone for us, and shows our continuing dedication to ensuring that we continue to build a culture where all of our people can thrive in.


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