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Grant Thornton Cyprus supports Sophia Foundation For Children

This year, the initiative of Sophia For Children is called “Giraffes For Hope” and Grant Thornton Cyprus will be proudly supporting this innovative project by adopting a collectible giraffe – work of art.

“Giraffes For Hope” project aims to raise funds for the financial support of the Sophia For Children programmes and initiatives, which are focused on children in Cyprus and in Kenya. Specifically, in Kenya Sophia For Children provides education, security, food and medical care to more than 4,500 children in need. In Cyprus, the program “I cook and I offer” concerns the provision of lunch to all children in 16 all-day primary schools. Through this program, the organization provides permanent infrastructure in schools, by constructing the kitchen, and securing the relevant equipment, the supply of food provisions and other related raw materials for unemployed mothers to cook lunch, every day for all children.

Each one of the twenty big giraffes will be unique, as these are being designed and created gratis by an equal number of Cypriot artists.

It is a great opportunity for companies in Cyprus to join forces in supporting the safety, healthcare and education of children, in areas that need it the most.

Grant Thornton Cyprus remains committed to having a positive impact in the community.

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