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Grant Thornton Cyprus announces partnership with VeChain

In September 2018, Grant Thornton Cyprus grew its technology services with the launch of the blockchain service line. The specialized department will be collaborating with VeChain’s technical and industrial experts. This partnership aims to provide VeChain’s advanced blockchain solutions for various industries to the network of clients of Grant Thornton in Cyprus. VeChain’s partners are among the heavyweights of the industry and come from the food, pharmaceutical, logistics, automotive sectors etc.

Based on the extensive experience in deployment in real business scenarios, the one-stop data BaaS platform VeChain ToolChainTM has become the premium business ready standard tool for mass adoption and will provide Grant Thornton Cyprus with stable, secure, efficient support.

Combining the professionalism of both consultancy and technology, the partnership will be expanding business with companies that are interested in exploring the whole new world of opportunities opening up for them through the implementation of this technology.

Alexis Nicolaou, Distributed Ledger Technology Leader of Grant Thornton Cyprus, said: “As the coming of legislation governing Blockchain Technology in Cyprus is imminent, Grant Thornton Cyprus is investing in partnerships with leading businesses in the industry, so as to be able to meet the needs of its client base and other local and foreign companies. The extensive range of applications that VeChain’s ToolchainTM offers, will help us in meeting those needs in the most effective and efficient manner”.

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