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Cyber resilience

Realistic resilience: taking a pragmatic approach to cybersecurity


Our International Business Report (IBR) finds that nearly one in four businesses worldwide (21%) have faced a cyber attack over the last 12 months. 
This compares to 15% who said the same a year ago. Cyber criminals – whether global crime syndicates, nation states or individual hacktivists – are becoming more sophisticated and more innovative in the methods they use.

So you can safely assume that your business will be cyber attacked sooner or later - and you can also assume that someone, somehow, will be able to get through your defences, no matter how elaborate and cyber secure you make them. But being fearful and hyper-cautious won’t improve the situation. A better response is to understand how you can prepare for the inevitable.

By taking a pragmatic and realistic approach to cybersecurity – by assuming that ‘a breach is coming’ – you can build a resilient business that can withstand any crisis.