Benchmark the growth potential of your business

The IBR Growth Barometer compares your business growth indicators with up to 10,000 of your peers.


My company works in


Select the major constraints on your business growth (tick all that apply)

Shortage Of Finance

Regulations / red tape

Lack of skilled workers

Shortage of orders / reduced demand

Quality of transport infrastructure

Quality of Information Technology and Communications (ICT) infrastructure

Economic uncertainty

Rising energy costs

Exchange rate fluctuations


Select your business achievements over the past 12 months (tick all that apply)

Grown revenue by more than 5%

Increased staff levels by more than 5%

Acquired, been acquired or merged with another business

Grown our exports by more than 5%

Moved into new (non-domestic) geographic markets

Developed a new (to market) product or service

Invested at least 5% of budget in R&D (Research & development)

Undergone significant reorganisation and/or restructuring


Select your expected growth areas over the next 12 months (tick all that apply)



Investment In New Buildings

Investment In Plant & Machinery

Research & Development

Employee salaries


Selling Prices



Select your planned growth initiatives over the next 12 months (tick all that apply)

Increase investment in marketing

Improve salesforce effectiveness

Incentivise productivity improvements

Develop and /or launch a new product or service

Access new sources of funding

Expand your business overseas

Expand your business domestically

Merge with or acquire another business

Recruit specialist talent